Fight the Fizz Counter-Advertisement Contest

The Healthy CUNY Initiative asks you to enter the CUNY Fights the Fizz Counter Advertising Contest. As you know, sugar-sweetened soda contributes to rising rates of obesity, diabetes and other life threatening chronic diseases. Soda companies profit by targeting children and young people for their unhealthy products. Counter-advertising against the tobacco industry helped convince many young people not to start or to quit smoking, saving thousands of lives.

The Healthy CUNY Initiative invites CUNY students to design similar campaigns to educate the CUNY community about the harmful health effects of soda and help end Big Soda’s targeting of young soda drinkers. Winning videos, posters, music, photographs, spoken word or other submissions will be used in a Spring 2012 Healthy CUNY campaign to reduce sweetened soda drinking among CUNY students, faculty and staff and build support for policies to reduce promotion of unhealthy sweetened beverages.

Students from all campuses and disciplines are eligible. Staff, friends, family can also enter, as part of a team with at least 1 CUNY student. Submissions can be uploaded through the website.

Contact Healthy CUNY at if you have questions about submissions, eligibility or art form rules.

Submissions are due by December 15, 2011. Now EXTENDED to January 27, 2012.

Two winners will each be paid $500 for their work.


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